Alejandro Sax



Univibes in concert in 2003 at La Madelaine, in Brussels, Belgium.

I meet the guys of Univibes at the end of the year 2001, when I was just arriving for the first time in Europe. I was very surprised with this reggae band from Moroccan origins, who played a beautiful mix between traditional rythms from Morocco and the reggae roots from Jamaica. In 2002 we did a beautiful travel to Casablanca, city in wich we played on a big music festival. In 2003 I was invited to record on the brass section of the first album of the band, “Vivre Libre”. The core of the band at the time was Nourdine, Said, Hamid and of course the great Moustapha. This page is dedicated to him and his magnificient musical creativity. Thank you Mous, we miss you!



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