Alejandro Cabeza Quartet

since 2013

Chilean saxophonist and guitarist Alejandro Cabeza has traveled and played in different countries for more than 25 years. Chile, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Morocco, Spain, Brazil. In the city of Brussels, where he settled for 10 years, he recorded two albums of original music, with the bands UNIVIBES (2003) the album “Vivre Libre”, and with the band THE ELEMENTS (2009) the album “One”. .

He has played and shared musical experiences with musicians from all over the world, learning different musical styles and languages from each culture. His repertoire includes his own compositions and standards of Latin jazz, modern jazz and adaptations of traditional Latin American music brought to the jazz language.

Images from various periods of the band




Black Narcissus [Joe Henderson]

Nardis [Miles Davis]

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